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    What should I feed my baby? is a simple but thorough guide for parents who want to introduce their baby to wholesome and nutritious food right from the start.

    Even if you are not skilled in the kitchen you will learn how to cook fresh and natural food so that you know your baby is receiving only the healthiest foods.

    This book takes a parent from baby`s first taste of solid food at around 4/6 to 12 months and beyond, and includes:

    * A detailed list of organic and superfoods that your baby can eat at particular ages
    * Guidelines on fruit, vegetables, seeds, whole grains, nuts and superfoods
    * Simple recipes for babies and young children
    * Healthy recipes for the whole family to enjoy together
    * Healthy and delicious recipes for special occasions, such as baby`s birthday!

    Ebba sees herself as a new Annabel Karmel, but with a stronger focus on introducing superfoods to your baby at the weaning stage so that they become part of their everyday diet. This book is not just about what your baby can eat at different stages but about what are the best and most nutritional foods for them to eat in order to develop into healthy and strong children.


    The brings us to a new understanding of the most profound love of all — by helping parents nurture their own development as they encourage emotional wholeness in their children.