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Avoid hassles at the check-in counter. Easy travel with this Camry 110lbs blue backlight digital luggage scale! Travel can be stress free. Why bother with the embarrassment of repacking your over-weight baggage at check-in? This accurate and handy Camry digital luggage scale can definitely save you out. Never travel with your luggage as unexpected carry-on, and never pay unexpected overweight bag fees!

Key Features

Large Blue Backlit LCD Display

—-easy to read in dim light Data Lock

—-the reading will be locked once the scale stabilized Beep Signal

—-every operation is accompanied by beep signal for reminder 2-Step Auto Shut-Off

—-back-light off after 30 seconds and scale off after 60 seconds for power saving Strap and Clip design

—-fits for any baggage handle and easy balance when weighing High Precision Weight Sensors

—-accurate to 0.1 lbs / 50gs

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4,410.004,900.00 (-10%)

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