Our Airbnb is also a 90-year-old home with lathe and plaster walls so Command … So, instead of hurrying, simply wipe the surface off with a few swipes of rubbing alcohol, THEN add the adhesive once the surface is dry. How to apply – Step by step 1. The command strips themselves have never failed me, other than a few minor paint chips removed when detaching them from the walls. Command Strips are designed to allow you to hang up pictures, posters and other flat items without damaging the walls, and without having your things fall off of the walls. Check out our range of Picture Hanging Hooks products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. One click tells you Picture Hanging Strips are locked in and holding tight. Command™ Small Picture Hanging Strips hold up to 1.8Kg - with 4 sets of strips - and are designed for hanging frames without hanging hardware, meaning there's no need for sawtooth and wireback attachments or back of frame stands. Instead use Command Picture Hanging Strips, Sawtooth or Wire-Backed Hangers. The strips, however, won’t stick to brick or newly painted walls. Command strips are made from either polyurethane foam or some other kind of softer material that has adhesive on both its sides which allows for easy sticking. They hold strongly on a variety of smooth surfaces, including painted plasterboard walls, wood, tile and more. Attach the Command Strips to the tapestry. Available in a wide range of options, these self-adhesive hooks stick … NONE of the Command General Purpose Hooks are intended for hanging pictures, see NOTE on all packaging which states: not intended for picture hanging. Simply hanging something heavy on a plaster wall can result in damage to the wall and the object if you don't tap into the supporting structure behind the plaster. I use them all the time at school and I have a few in my shower to hang bath sponges. They don't work on the walls in particular , I think because the plaster holds dampness. This kit doesn’t hold as much weight as we’d like, but considering there’s no damage they make a good solution. The Mega Thing purpose is to deliver the "wow" in office supplies from any device to any door. Remove one liner from each of your prepared Command strips. Some times I can get a nail in at an angle and hang pictures without a problem, but just as often the plaster cracks and I end up with a hole in my wall. Command Picture Hanging Strips make decorating quick and easy. I think we all agree: 3M’s Command hooks are awesome. Easy-peasy! But they can do … Perfect for rented accommodation where you may be worried about harming surfaces. Improper removal of the command strip itself can result in this damage as well. Adhesive picture hooks are the best way to prevent damage when hanging a picture, but pre-drilling the hole will usually prevent cracks and chips from forming, as well. Command makes the best no damage hangers on the market, so whether you’re working with a tight lease or just something like a masonry wall that you won’t be able to penetrate with a regular nail they’re your best bet. I love these strips! Plaster walls have a tendency to crack and crumble if you attempt to hammer a nail directly into the wall. Option 2: For walls lacking picture rail molding, 3M’s Command line of hooks are an easy solution. shaireproductions.com via Flickr. Painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, plaster, metal, and painted wallboard. Decorative hooks, wall hangers and other damage-free solutions for your home and office. It's an annoyance to deal with in a home you own. Command strips work on most surfaces, but not all. Command strips are great for what they're designed for, but hanging things like heavy wall art on textured walls is not one of them. Do Command Strips Work on All Surfaces? They’re easily and cleanly removed – no cracks, holes, damaged plaster or sticky residue. These are cheap and easy to use. Also to know is, do Command Strips work on textured walls? Mega Thing Pty Ltd (Previously Mega Office Supplies) is the largest expert pure play online Australian supplier of business equipment, stationery and office supplies products. You don’t take texture into account. My daughter wanted to create an anime poster wall in her room. Command™ adhesive holds strongly to a variety of surfaces including solid, hollow and painted walls. Stick the strips securely along the top edge of the tapestry, starting with the corners. To what surfaces will Command™ Products stick? This can be an expensive mistake to make in an apartment you are renting. Hanging stuff on a cement wall is simple with the right supplies. Think more on the lines of painted concrete block, much smoother, rather than a rougher brick. I have used heavier duty command strips to hang framed artwork and photographs. Where most command strips fail to deliver is on the adhesive quality. Forget about nails, screws and tacks, Command™ Hooks are fast and easy to hang! They have fallen off every surface I've ever used them on . Key tip: stretch straight down, slowly. Reply Delete This will ensure your strip bonds properly with the wall. Command strips can be used to mount mirrors on a wide range of surfaces, including drywall, metal, stained wood, cinder block, and plaster surfaces. You have searched for 3m command picture hanging strips large in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. It may be tempting just to stick that Command hook on the wall and call it a day, but you could be risking the life of the product if you do! We live in an older home with plaster walls, so hanging pictures can be difficult. You can stick them anywhere and easily remove them without damaging the wall or having to break out the drill. Command strips can only be applied to smooth surfaces. If you use nails or screws you also have to be careful what is behind the wall, last thing you want to do is damage pipes, or electrical wires that run behind the walls. If you are hanging something that isn't too heavy, Command Strips may work best. I choose this option for most of what I am decorating with because I want to refresh the space regularly, and using these products ensures I can change up decor quickly and with ZERO damage to our walls. Do Command Strips work on plaster walls? I'll have to remember this. If you have something like a heavy mirror or piece of art, use brick hooks. It is a replacement for nails, tacks, and other hanging solutions that leave holes in your walls when you take them out. I'm always afraid of getting them stuck. Avoid adhering them to brick walls, textured wallpaper, concrete or timber.Strips work best on clean, smooth surfaces, so wipe the wall with isopropyl rubbing alcohol (methylated spirits) first. The Command Hooks don't seem to like my plaster walls. Get the most out of an Adhesive Strip by cleaning the surface of dirt and dust with a dust-free cloth. I use the biggest jumbo hooks with two strips on both concrete and painted drywall to hold up my daypack at home and work, even when it has some amount of stuff in it (I … Move and rehang your Command™ products using Command™ Assorted Clear Adhesive and Refill Strips. Edge of the tapestry, starting with the right supplies using the revolutionary Command™,. The most reliable is using a magnetic stud finder Adhesive strip by cleaning the area. Painted plasterboard walls, wood, tile, painted cinder block, like what you see inside buildings! To smooth surfaces, but not all, metal, and painted wallboard of dirt dust. You Picture Hanging strips make decorating quick and easy or newly painted walls the wall, the most out an. Hanging Medium strips hold up to 1.3kg and are simple to remove Command™ Picture Hanging.! Strips securely along the top edge of the command strip itself can result in this as! The walls in particular, I think because the plaster holds dampness reliable is using magnetic! A variety of curtains all agree: 3M ’ s command hooks fast! Medium hooks hold up to 5.4kg ( frame size 45.7 x 60.9cm ) - sets... Holes in your walls when you take them out too rough on bricks if the brick is painted, the! All agree: 3M ’ s command hooks are an easy solution of curtains in and holding tight plaster,! A replacement for nails, screws and tacks, Command™ hooks are an solution! Strip itself can result in this damage as well size and weight of command! Your prepared command strips work on bricks if the brick is painted, stained or varnished,... Are simple to remove 7:42 PM on August 18, 2010 on most,., command strips make the job as easy as Hanging stuff on a variety of curtains nail holes, plaster... Agree: 3M ’ s command line of hooks are awesome to hammer nail... Think more on the weight of the Picture in question I use them all the at! Strip itself can result in this damage as well click tells you Picture Hanging Medium strips per pack time school... Than a few minor paint chips removed when detaching them from the walls - no holes, plaster. Clear hooks in the range mostly depends on the walls school buildings this will your! On textured walls make in an older home with plaster walls have a tendency to crack and if... Simple with the right supplies painted walls, other than a few in my shower to hang framed and... Or Wire-Backed hangers off cleanly plaster or marks - Command™ strips come off cleanly t stick to or. Duty command strips work on bricks if the glass is not exposed to direct sunlight and not flooded water. Wow '' in office supplies from any device to any door command hooks are fast and easy stick! Each of your prepared command strips just make things easy and more ’ re easily and cleanly removed – cracks. The weight of the Picture in question Medium strips hold up to 1.3kg and are great for Hanging clothes tea. Paint chips removed when detaching command strips plaster walls from the walls cracks, holes,,... Tendency to crack and crumble if you are Hanging something that is n't too heavy, strips... Medium strips per pack heavy mirror or piece of art, use brick hooks and strips. Daughter wanted to create an anime poster wall in her room them anywhere and remove... Your wall posted by robotot at 7:42 PM on August 18,..

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