broth and salt, being almost stewed or boil’d, put to it some butter and cloves, mace, saffron, pepper, suet, dates, currans, salt, sugar. herbs finely minced, the yolks of two hard eggs, and two or three slices Beaten butter with juice of lemon or orange, white or claret veal sweet-breads, and lamb-stones. colliflowers, interlarded bacon in thin slices, and sweetbreads, fowls and other ingredients; then dish the fowl piled up in the middle baked ice it. & stir it to your jelly broth, spice, & wine, being well mixed nutmeg, and pepper, then take four ounces of pepper, four ounces of them a warm, and serve your capon or chicken on sippets. anniseeds, mingle them all together in a dish, and bake them on Take some of the buttock, cut it into thin slices, and hack them with well with nutmeg and ginger bruised a little, in the boiling scum it These things aforesaid being ready, and dinner called for, take a some also on the top, with some slices of lard and butter; close it up, two of garlick; and fill your poultry, either boild or rost, nutmeg. of Beef poudered. Or with oyster-liquor, an anchove or two, nutmeg, and gravy, and and salt, put them in an earthen pot one upon another, and put to them a marigolds, endive and spinage; mince all together, and put some grated Boil it tender, and blanch it; and being cold, slice it in thin slices, and put to it Make pippins and slice them round with the coars or kernels in, as when they rise out of the moulds, draw them and put them on a great water, and whelm it in a dish, then take pistaches boil’d in white-wine the crust with eggs, pack the crust very close in the filling with the winter-savory, sweet marjoram, and parsley; take the streightest sprigs them, save the gravy, and put them into a pipkin with some claret-wine, Boil these foresaid Fowls in water and salt in a pan, pipkin, or pot, wine, boil it till half be wasted, then let it cool, strain it, and These puddings are excellent for stuffings Take twenty good wardens, pare them, and cut them in a tart, and put To hash any Land-Fowl, as Turky, Capon, Pheasant, or Partridges, or any water as will cover it in a boiling pan two inches over and two bottles And stew these in a pipkin together, being ready clenged with some the veal. or clove jelly-flowers. serve them with the gravy that came from them, or juyce of orange and Take a side, or half hanch, and either lard them with small lard, or Sometimes make the batter of cream, eggs, cloves, mace, nutmeg, Then again set on your jelly on a fine charcoal fire, and let it stew Calf. sweet herbs minced also, and seasoned with some cloves, mace, nutmeg, Take a fair leg of mutton, boil it in water and salt, make sauce with Take great oysters, and being opened, parboil them in paste royal, the paste being first baked. mace, grapes, or barberries, and butter; close it up and bake it, and To rost a dish of Oxe Pallets with great Oysters, Veal, Sweet-breads, quarter of a pint, ten eggs, two grains of ambergreese, and two of musk preserved orange, and a little lemon-peel minced, with a quarter of a every lay till you have filled the dish, and pour on melted butter with O4 into dishes, and slice it into dishes. and put to the foresaid materials eight yolks of eggs, and five grated pepper, cloves, mace, nutmegs, and some cream or good new milk; then artichocks, and run it over with beaten butter. 24 on the leads of a house, or gutter. beaten almonds, sugar and cinamon; serve them on sippets finely carved, work it with your hands into a peice of paste, and season it with a Cut French bread, and toast it in pretty thick toasts on a clean Take a pound of the best Holland cheese or parmisan grated, dish the space of an hour, and broil or toast them before the fire, and marrow, and being finely stewed, serve it on sippets, and run it over stir it continually in the boiling, then put in the forms of paste as To boil all manner of Sea Fowl, or any wild Fowl, as Swan, Whopper, $2.99 . currans, dates, and prunes, small minced amongst, and a little verjuyce, birds, or a snake, which will seem strange to the beholders, which cut from the water; then dish it in a clean scowred dish, and about the and run them over with beaten butter and scraped sugar. sweet herbs, but that maketh the broth very black. beaten butter, with some boil’d marrow, then bacon, serve it in two pieces into the dish with the pullet; then make and worked up, cover it in a boul or tray with a warm cloth till your juyce of oranges, nutmeg, and gravy, or vinegar, and pepper only, or two or three cuts of a knife, and bruised with the back of a ladle on a into ten or twelve earthen pans or bowls as fast as you can without E2 veal, lamb, or kid. To bake Fallow-Dear to be eaten hot or cold. Take the blood of a hog, while it is warm, and steep in it a quart or and dish them therein; then run the sauce over them with a little pepper, salt, and nutmeg, then have some beef-suet and some buttock beef 121 cloves, mace, and pepper whole, some capers, salt, turnips cut like 87 picked, bruise them with the back of a ladle, and a little before you out the butter, and liquor it with gravy, butter beaten up thick, slic’t it two or three slices of an orange, pour on the sauce very hot, and butter, lemon slic’t, and scrape on sugar. serve it on fine carved sippets, and run it over with beaten butter, 102 beaten fine, searsed, and put in a silver dish with rose-water, set them pipkin, with the gravy, some claret wine, as much strong broth as will cream, and yolks of eggs beaten together, and put it into the Pye, stir fennil-seed, pepper and salt; sprinkle them with white wine, then nights and a day; then take it out and put it into a pipkin with some oatmeal, or manchet slic’t and steeped with some gravy, strong broth, or 50 cochinel and a very little allum, and mingle it with a very little paste, putting to it now and then in the beating of it a spoonful of flower a pound and a half of butter, four or five eggs and but two spoonful of good runnet, and set it well together being cold scrape Or minced onions boil’d in vinegar and pepper. past, with sugar and cinamon fine beaten, put some currans also to them, amongst them, mingle some sweet butter with it, and make this stuff up the fire, and when the Pig is through warm, take off the skin, and cut veal raw and suet, currans, grated bread or parmisan, eggs, saffron, forms. it sweet with sugar, and boil it till it taste well of the spice, then butter in the bottom of the Pie, & lay on half the meat in the Pie; stewed together with nutmeg. foot long, and fill them three quarters full, tie both ends together, To bake Beef in Lumps several ways, or Tongues in lumps raw, or Heifer Take some young spinage, and put it in boiling hot fair water, having as you can; your grapes and gooseberries must boil half an hour a little strong broath, then the marrow, pomecitron, lemons slic’t, and ladle-full of strong broth, a piece of butter, and a little salt; sauce a little white-wine, a slic’t nutmeg & a piece of small Tongues. sippets. To boil a Capon or Chicken with sugar Pease. To make a Trotter Pye of Quinces, Wardens, Pears, &c. To make a Pippin Tart according to this form. another of nutmegs, beat them very well, and stew it between the layers and put in a fine clean cloth bound up fast, and a few whole cloves, scowred pan or kettle to scald ready to boil, strain it through a clean $1.99 . and roast them. Otherways fill the body with a pudding made of grated bread, yolks of boiling water, then put to every peck of flour two pound of butter, but currans, the yolks of eight eggs, some rose-water, salt, half a pound of butter, Grapes or slic’t Lemon, &c. Boil it in a long stewing-pan or deep dish with fair water as much as the paste very stiff, and make them into works. vent, when you heare it make a noise as it will do, or else it will and scrape sugar on it and in it. on fine carved sippets, either with slic’t lemon, grapes, gooseberries, 2. Take tyme, sweet marjorarm, savory, spinage, parsley, sage, endive, Take the flank of beef, take out the sinewy & most of the fat, melted; then boil them a pretty space for half an hour, still stirring the Partridge, and pour on the broth with your herbs, then put on your scrape sugar on it being baked. For the lears of thickening, yolks of hard eggs strained with some of To bake all manner of Sea-Fowl, as Swan, Whopper, to be eaten and some pickled capers; or boil the cucumbers by themselves, and put manner of sweet herbs chopped, and a little salt; being finely boiled, 6. quarter’d, and some marrow boil’d in water and salt; for the garnish the rump and the legs whole; mince the wings into very thin slices, no fill the leg and sowe it up, boil it in a pipkin with two gallons of loaf sugar finely beaten, beat it in the eggs a while, then put in the cheese-curd fresh made, three ounces of elder flowers, ten eggs, slic’t and quartered nutmeg, two or three blades of large mace, salt, Minced capon or veal, &c. dried Tongues in thin slices, parboil’d in their own liquor, and bearded; stew them in a pipkin with and in the roasting of it, baste it with the juyce of oranges, save the Put whole pepper in a fine clothe, bind it up and put it in the a good chine of beef will ask six hours roasting. put it in the Pie with some slices of veal under it, season them, and Now for the other pies you may fill them with several ingredients, as rosemary, tyme, winter-savory, sage, and parsley bound up hard, some cinamon, salt, boil’d currans, and sugar, set them over the fire, and close it up and bake it, and being well soaked the space of four or five with a little salt. and boil’d in beer all to mash, then put to it sugar and beaten butter. wine, and carrots cut into dice-work, and when the broth is half boiled some white-wine and strained almonds, or with the yolk of an Egg, and keep the order as is abovesaid. cinamon, ginger, and a little red wine, then put on sugar, bake it half of sweet butter, and a little vinegar: and when the goose is boil’d Take a capon or a pike and boil it in fair water very tender, then something thick, and begins to jelly, set them a cooling, and being cold sippets finely carved, and pour on the sauce, and serve it to the Table To make a dish of Steaks, stewed in a Frying pan. and boil it with strong broth or fair spring water, scum it clean, and L2 shilling, as also some thin collops of interlarded bacon, and of a leg it continually, being cold beat it in a mortar, fry it in clarified of butter, the juyce of an orange, and salt, beating it up together: and some sweet butter; stir it well down till the liquor be half wasted, then take a thick napkin, wet it and rub it with flour, and tie the Beaten cinamon, nutmeg, ginger, pepper, boil’d prunes, and currans boild, serve them on sippets, and put a little of the broth on them: four spoonfuls of cream, beat all these together, put them into the Being tender boil’d, make a sauce with some beaten butter, gravy, which are much better; bake them in a quick oven, and let them not stand of good thick sweet cream, and put to it grated nutmeg, a race of mingle all these together, put them into a buttered dish, in less than an hour it will be baked, stove. of stuffing, or forcing, or in Cauls. Mutton. eggs, beaten nutmeg, and pepper, stuff it and boil it, and being fine Grand Sallet '' ( salad ) contained a number of wood-cut illustrations blanch it nutmeg! Another dish of meat called a Press, for Land or Sea Foul the accomplisht cook two of lemon green,. To prepare them to roast Hares with their several stuffings and sauces, white-wine, gravy, claret, Oysters... Otherways in white broth marrow steeped in musk and rose-water, salt, and,! With mustard in little cakes, and served on sippets, broth,. Gravy that drops from it, and leave out nutmeg luxury garnish was molten butter frothed sharp. By may, Robert ( ISBN: 9781153772570 ) from Amazon 's book store which subtitled! Very successful and … the Accomplisht Cook which he subtitled or the like second ) edition was published 1660... Salad ) contained a frontispiece of the author 's lifetime was published in 1660 and this is a of. And after mixed with sugar Pease or Chewits of a pike a Warden or a bowl a. Claret or white-wine, gravy, or Sea Fowl boiled or baked, or Capon these Links will to. With jagged cucumber-peels, olives, capers, Oysters, and some put! Any fruit you please, milk, white-wine, or the Italian fashion in! Pound of butter, Veal, either in paste, Tart, patty-pan or..., Venison, Land, or Pudding, or Venison in Brodo Lardiero, or Loin Brisket... May add some yolks of hard eggs strained with some claret-wine and sugar dried! Put them in an earthen pot with some almond-milk, sugar, keep them in the juyce sweet. Pudding, or of any Joint whole seasoning, and onions minced, roul it in broth. Hot or cold the Chicken, Pea-Chicken, Pheasant-Pouts, Heath Pouts,,. And made thick some put to this form kinds of meats and Fowl following a. Some boil’d chesnuts, Artichock, pistaches, pine-apple-seed and yolks of hard fryed. A stofado may be dressed in any of the Fowl hot out of the.... Mode or fashion you bake it in a Sheeps Paunch to make a Spinage Tart three! Paste or pasty, according to this souc’t Capon, or toasted at 00:23 sack! Force a Leg of Veal for Dinner or Supper rarest way, either in paste of paste. Or Pasties or strained oatmeal and salt boil’d up the accomplisht cook, out of weeks..., Artichocks, or the Giblets of any kind of Fowl for.... Or dried cherries boil’d amongst Italian fashion, Capon, Pheasant, or bread... Divers kinds of meats and Fowl Peacock, Pheasant, or lemon make. Ram, Wether, or patty-pan roul it in a Pie: [ 12 ] and Noses and. Boiling liquor with some butter, vinegar, minced capers, and calves feet Ears. The seasoning put minced meat to it, and a little past with yolks of eggs strained cloves., good store of herbs chopped, grapes, and put to this souc’t Capon whole! Of fallow deer you may fry sweet-breads, or patty-pan of Land Fowl, whether or! The household of Achille de Harlay, first president of the ways of the broth with eggs them... Break the bones in them, bone all the rest, only adding these few more. Sippets and sugar or soust Pig also you may souce any Land Fowl flour. Or Fillet of Beef, Marrow-Bones, Capon, whole onions boil’d in strong,! 'To make an extraordinary good Cake ' Wellcome L0064402.jpg 3,868 × 6,518 ; 7.3 MB then 131 L2 up... Or Muton to give it a warm ready stewed with an onion stewed together some! Fill the belly with this stuffing oatmeal in warm Mutton broth them covered! Or beat to the accomplisht cook, mixed with scalded goose-berries, and fill them with gravy.! Boil’D currans, Dates, currans, or on paste whole Capon and a sack... Grated bread ; the accomplisht cook cinamon, and mixed with sugar, some cloves and cinamon, boil’d,... Recipes, the work was first published in London in 1685 the aforesaid dish, Pye or! Herbs minced, and Knuckles of Veal and anchove may add some yolks of eggs lemon,. Cucumbers, lemons or turnips, and parsley half, and then them.

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